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1370 Beech Street | East Lansing, MI 48823 | 517.336.0422


Attend Our Open House

Saturday, Feb 21, 10am-12pm

Saturday, March 7, 10am-12pm

Visit our classrooms, and discover Montessori with your child. Meet teachers and other Stepping Stones Montessori staff. Learn about the Montessori Method, as teachers explain how they make the magic happen in their classrooms. Get your questions answered, and leave with a lot of food for thought as you research childcare, preschool or elementary school programs for your child.





Our School  Mission

Our school community creates and maintains a learning environment that nurtures the development of the whole child. Stepping Stones Montessori was established in 1982 as a non-profit, nondiscriminatory Preschool and Kindergarten. Since then, our school has grown to support a thriving Elementary Program, two Primary Classrooms, and a Toddler House for preschool-aged children from 18 months to approximately three years of age. At Stepping Stones Montessori, we believe in providing an environment in which a child has the freedom to grow and learn in many areas: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Geography, History, Mathematics, Language Arts, Cultural, Social, Biology. This prepared environment is suited to the child’s physical, academic, emotional and social needs. We recognize the tremendous capacity and desire of young children to discover and explore their environment. We make use of the fact that a child has sensitive periods for certain types of learning; periods which once past will never occur again in the same capacity. We allow children the freedom to learn in a safe and caring environment with direction and encouragement given by a very knowledgeable and Montessori certified staff.



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