Feb 27-Mar 4: Montessori & Teacher Appreciation week

Join us at the Annual AuctionFebruary 26th



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Montessori teachers are highly trained and skilled people who dedicate their time to observing, directing, and facilitating our children’s education and growth. In the classroom they offer guidance on materials being discovered, encouragement on materials being worked, and challenge when a student is ready for the next step.  Outside of class time, they are thoughtfully preparing a classroom environment with the materials and activities that will meet the student’s unique interests, academic level, and development needs.

Once a year we take a week to show the teachers and staff our appreciation for all of their efforts.  Scheduled during Montessori Appreciation Week, from February 27th through March 4th, we would like to provide breakfast, lunch, and dessert for the teachers and staff, as well as beautify the lounge.

Also, we are looking to feed 20 to 25 staff members daily, and we do have a few vegans and vegetarians to consider. We will also be going with a theme at lunch time to help coordinate meals.




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