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annual givingOur school relies on private funding. We keep tuition as low as possible to make the school affordable for as many families as we can. For example, our annual tuition for elementary students is only $6,336 whereas the per pupil funding for the East Lansing or Okemos school districts is roughly $8,000, even after the recent drastic cutbacks. Fundraising is one of the ways we are able to maintain such low tuition rates. Why not raise tuition and eliminate some fundraisers? Many families cannot afford a tuition increase. Because of fundraising, we are able to provide and make affordable quality care and education for our children. Most importantly, an investment in the Montessori environment is an investment in the child. Every year that a child can stay in this environment is a gift both to the child, and also a gift back to the society that will inherit that child.

Why do we do this?

  • We do this for the school’s commitment to Montessori Education.
  • We do this for the wealth of experience and expertise and the commitment of the faculty and staff.
  • We do this for the strong community our children and families are a part of.
  • We do this so our children are challenged academically.
  • We do this so that the unique needs of our children are recognized, nurtured and allowed to blossom.
  • We do this because we feel that this school will truly provide a basis for lifelong learning.
  • We do this to create a childhood filled with positive school memories and lasting friendships.

We live in a community rich with options for our children that is filled with quality preschools, day cares, public and private schools. We as parents, alumni and friends of this school are in many different stages of life, and have joined our school for many different reasons. Some have come specifically for our quality Montessori Program. Others have sought out our outstanding day care, our private school setting, or our ‘neighborhood school’ location and feel. Whatever the original reason, many of our families have found that our Montessori principles resonate deeply with them and their children. The children who have graduated from our school are carrying both the big and small lessons with them for a lifetime. We have arrived here from many other places and for various reasons, and it is the sense of community and learning that keeps us here.




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